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Kast van een Huis


Designer Marie-Louise Groot Kormelink m
Amsterdam Print with Anne wine
Bellgable, Neckgable and Steppedgable cabinets in "watercolors"
ML Gr Kormelink.jpg

"Kast van een Huis" is a creative Dutch company that designs and sells furniture with the aim of bringing a smile to your face. The brand encompasses a collection of furniture inspired by the distinctive architecture of old Dutch canal houses, fishing cottages, and warehouses found in Amsterdam and other old Dutch city centers.

The idea for the first collection of "Kast van een Huis®" originated as many good ideas do: what the designer was looking for wasn't available. The founder of the company, Marie-louise Groot Kormelink, needed cabinets for her young children at the time. She wanted cabinets with ample storage space that could also serve as a fun decoration in the room. She, therefore, conceived a series called "Amsterdam," which would still be appealing and functional as the children outgrew the baby, toddler, and preschool stages.

The designs she envisioned back then had to meet the same criteria as the current models:

  1. Timeless and durable in quality, design, and materials.

  2. Models that appeal to both adults and children.

  3. Furniture that brings a smile to the faces of onlookers.

  4. The furniture can form a series that you can expand, essentially creating a whole "street."

A Classic!!

Meanwhile, the "Amsterdam" cabinet series has been included in the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for years and has been acclaimed as one of the best designs for children over the past decades. Subsequently, the cabinet series has received various design awards and prizes.

Later more design-awards for the Amsterdam series followed.

Steet Amsterdam cabinets cushionfight.jpeg
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