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With a set or alley of 3 cupboards you create a beautiful cupboard wall that can stand against or separate from the wall and function as a room divider.

The back of the cabinets is just as beautifully finished and provides a beautiful view of the facades.

canal houses in the golden age of Amsterdam.


Facade types:

  • Stepped gable
  • Clock gable
  • Neck gable



198/55/55 cm


16/60/60 cm


To colour:

Standard colours: White, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Petrol, Night and Black.

In addition, it is possible to order in a tailor-made color or desired color in any desired RAL or Pantone color.

There is also a beautiful natural wooden variant of these cabinets in Birch wood.


We will contact you about the cabinet interior and rotation options after your order.


    Cabinet interior choice options:


    Shelves and a clothes rail

    The top shelf that we call the "attic floor" is fixed in the construction. The other shelves can be placed at variable heights.


    Cabinet door hinge direction:

    • from left to right
    • from right to left


    Material: Durable MDF

    Birch wood variant

    Set or street of 3 cupboards Amsterdam: Neck gable, Step gable, and Bell gable

    €3,285.00 Regular Price
    €2,956.50Sale Price
    Color options
    • Our products are produced, checked and packaged with great care. However, damage may occur during transport or delivery. Please therefore ensure that the packaging in which you receive the product is now completely intact.

      If you receive a product from us and you notice damage to the box or packaging upon delivery, please report this immediately to the driver of the transport company that delivers the shipment. You or the driver will record this in the delivery document for which you sign.

      You can then choose to refuse the product and have it taken back by the carrier. It is important that you immediately take a photo of the damaged box/packaging and send it to us.

      If you choose to open the box, be sure to take a photo of the damaged packaging in advance and have this recorded in the driver's delivery form.

      When assembling the cabinets, keep in mind that scratches may occur on the material if you do not protect it. We recommend that installation be carried out by 2 people because the panels are heavy.

      When mounting/assembling the furniture, you must do this on a protected surface, for example placing a rug or cardboard under the mounting surface.

      If, despite the above measures, there is something wrong with the delivered product, please contact us so that a solution can be found.

      Products ordered in a special desired color/custom color cannot be returned.





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